The NEW album From Deadman Rashaun is packed with great collabs from major & indie artists such as Long Island's John Jiggs, Wreckless610 from S. Philly,country singer Alex Marie Brinkley,Detroit's own PJ Dakota,Derf da Juganot from Harlem, Stepready, SC songstress Celeste! With producers from all over the world like Swab from Demark,and Echo Sparks from Sweden. The album is primarily produced by Detroit legendary producer Rokk from Rokk Mass Ent but has serious production from SC upcomer Country Pimpn and, Ohio's Producer V, Mantra, and west coast super producer Faided On The Beat who produced the first single "The Greatness" which you can see the video on this site as well as Youtube. If you like deep grooves and basslines with serious lyrics,this album is for you! Check out the latest single "Ur a freak" below or download it now for just 50 cents until the album drops, then it goes back to $1.29   

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The Devil's Brood is an album full of east coast boom bap lyrics and bars. If you're a fan of pure lyrical rap like Jay-Z, Big daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes and The Lox, well THIS is the album you need to press play on. The album begins with a lyrical barrage of bars from Deadman Rashaun with a song called “Grown man B.I.” and then a boom bap anthem with “The Illest” Club bangers like “Get Low” and “Meat on her bones” are sure speaker boomers and reggae songs like "On Fire and Back up and Elephant in the room are definite rasta hits. The Devil's Brood is a clear favorite for the bars at heart fans.

On The Chain is one of the most diverse albums released. It starts off with west coast rap songs like “Feel The Vibe and Gunpoint”. Then it moves down south with trap bangers like “Where My Buddies and Frank D”. We hit the club with the fast paced song “Do a TikTok” and then hit em hard with the boom bap with songs like “Don't be mad, Holla and Top Down." More reggae songs with smooth the vibes “Oh Baby and Put it on me” shows more diversity in Deadman's catalog. the Maroon 5 produced “Running Away and I Apologize and The right one” are some of the smoothest songs to end the album will take you back to the hay-days of LL Cool J. On The Chain is probaly the best album to ride to if you're taking an hour drive up the interstate.

Dance All Night is the instrumental album from Deadman Rashaun. It's a ten song album full of Techno, House and Hip Hop beats. Specifically designed for DJ's that's looking for cool filler beats that matches their mixes for bridges and self mixed collabs with major artists vocals. The album starts with the high intensity track “We Are Climbing” that'll definitely get the house dancers on the floor. The tracks “Housing and Rave Me” are definite club songs to have em all doing shots while dancing. “Get Low Wit It and Bring It Down are break dancers and twerker beats for sure! Hip Hop beats like ”Who It Is and Good With You" are beats most rappers wish they would've had on theor own albums! This ten track album is a rider's dream, especially if you like to just listen to dope beats but don't wanna hear a lot of rapping and singing on em.


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