Deadman Rashaun MAKES HISTORY!!

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Deadman Rashaun becomes the FIRST RAPPER FROM SOUTH CAROLINA to score #1 on ITunes Top 100 Hip Hop Charts, #6 on All Genres Charts & #12 On Billboards Charts with his single "The Greatness" off The Predicted Platinum Deluxe ep!!

Bio of deadman rashaun a hip hop musician

Deadman Rashaun the hip hop musician was born January 11th in Lexington SC, L. Duane Williams A.K.A. Deadman started making hip hop music at the age of 13. A very good friend of his overheard him reading a poem out loud and he added some hip hop music to it. That's when one of the hottest hip hop artist of all time was born. He got the name "Deadman" when he entered in a freestyle contest and he was challenged by thirty-six different mc's. He "murdered" them all. The host of the show penned him The Deadman, like the grim hip hop music reaper the one who murders any mc that gets in his way. The name stuck and now the world will be treated to a hip hop artist with substance. He doesn't rap about the common stuff "bling bling, ice, how much paper he is stacking".  He weaves stories around real events so that you can feel what he is talking about. That's why the first single off his nationwide release, Bloodmoon: Legend of the Deadman, "Bounce Wit It" is saying what you want to say. Hey DJ quit playing the same old junk. The second national released hip hop album is Universal, which means that he is a universal artist. The first hip hop single is You Don't Want None, which means exactly that. After some obstacles as he got older, he began doing business with different labels, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. He decided to start his own hip hop record label called Pro2col Records LLC, where he is an hip hop artist and the C.E.O., the rest will be penned in history. He is known over the south as one of the most influential MC's to ever grace the stage. He has appeared in four notable concerts, consecutively, including, "Artist VS Aids", and "Black History Month Concert". He has performed with hip hop artists such as, Big Daddy Kane, Master Ace, MC Lyte, Pastor Troy, DJ Taz, Raheem Da Dream, and Eric Sermon. Now, you see why The Deadman is destined to make his mark worldwide. Now linked Ryan Katz of Liquid Sound Recordings and Patti Barnett aka P J Dakota, and Rokk of Rokk Mass Entertainment. They’ve linked a partnership with Sony/Record Union to release the new album “The devil’s Brood”. A 15 track album, with the new reggae/trap hip hop single “Elephant in the room” which is on four different charts on the billboards. The video is a must see on YouTube! Now with distribution thru SSMG/UNIVERSAL Records, His latest album "Love, Legacy, & Loot has made history by having the single "The Greatness" reach #1 on the ITunes Top 100 Hip Hop Charts making Deadman to be the first rapper from South Carolina to achieve that honor. 

The NEW album available now everywhere!!

The NEW album available now everywhere!!