I'd like to introduce you to Stepready 

Stepready aka Tony Ruth @Step_big on twitter, is the mentor of Deadman Rashaun. He's the reason Deadman is even a recording artist in the first place.  Deadman was studying theatre and drama when he first heard Stepready rap. Growing up best friends, deadman wanted to follow in Stepready's footsteps by becoming a rapper,so with the help of another long time friend and rapper "serrated Edge" aka Jerome Johnson, they molded Deadman rashaun into the emcee you hear today. 

Now on the heels of Deadman Rashaun's Critically acclaimed "The Devil's Brood" album, Stepready is ready to embark on his own journey with his new album, "1971". The lead single of his album is titled "How I shine". This song is a for sure club banger and street anthem for the hood and wanna-be rich youngins trying to make it out the hood. with a dope concrete thugging beat from label mate Lil Pre', Stepready weaves thru lyrics of how he came up to be the lyrical emcee he is today. Now on the heels of Deadman's song "Get Low" where Stepready set the bar high as a Georgia pine, "How I shine" is just a pick up from where he left off. 

Set to be for sale Nov. 10, this jam is gonna be a radio's dream come true! Take a listen below and feel free to leave comments on this song and others in the music store.

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